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What makes this turtle tapper different?

- The Turtle Tapper now features a tip guage to help guarantee a perfect shape for your tip and measure the remaining tip height for timely replacement.

- Made from high-quality steel and industrial grade diamond abrasive and built to last a lifetime.

- The knurled surface of the Turtle Tapper acts as the tapping surface, adn the weight and balance of the products does the work for you.

- Each Turtle Tapper has a pre-formed nickel or dime radius that shapes & requires no skill at all to use.

- The Turtle Tapper is proven to extend the life of your leather tips by providing a clean, effective scuff without eating away at the surface of the leather.

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Product Features

Diamond Scuffer - The industrial grade diamond scuffer is located at the end of the Turtle Tapper. To shape your tip, brace the butt of your cue against the ground at about a 30 degrees angle. Place the tip within the recessed scuffer at a parallel angle to the cue and press down firmly on the tip. Now rotate both the Turtle Tapper and the cue in opposite directions, about 4 or 5 times. Now chalk your tip and repeat the process as necessary to hold a thicker, longer lasting coating of chalk.

Tip Tapper - The weight and balance of the Turtle Tapper provide an excellent tap when breaking up the hard leather surface of the tip. Grip the Turtle Tapper near the end of the handle as shown, and hold your cue at about a 30 degrees angle, with the butt of the cue resting against the gorund. Now rotate the cue while tapping the surface of the tip firmly with the tool. This will break up the leather surface, making it more porous and therefore creating a better surface to hold a thick body of chalk for the duration of your game.

Tip Guage - The most recent addition to the Turtle Tapper is the new tip guage located on the side of the product. By placing your tip into the recess, you can check for proper tip shape and height also, so you'll always know when to change your tip. With proper use, the Turtle Tapper will greatly extend the life of your tips by providing a clean scuff without eating away the leather, but in time, tips will need to be changed. Simply place the tip into the recessed scuffer, and if the ferule touches the lip edge of the Turtle Tapper's tip guage, you know that it's time for a new tip!