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Playfield Dimensions70"L x 35"W
Table Dimensions78"L x 44"W x 31"H
Weight223 lbs
Warranty7 yrs. Limited
Surface TypeSlatron
AvailabilityIn Stock

Product Overview

Here's what you get with the pool tables:

    - Prestige 7ft. Billiard Table

    - (2) Two-Piece Cues

    - (1) Set of Billiard Balls

    - (1) Triangle

    - (2) Chalk

    - (1) Table Brush

One of the best billiard values you can find for professional, high-quality pool tables. Mizerak's 7ft Prestige is designed with a rip-resistant green cloth that covers a 7/8" thick playbed for smooth rolls and the classic pool table look. Smoothly shaped rubber rails, durable wood construction and stylish inlaid sights and accents make it the perfect centerpiece for any game room.

Product Features

Slatron - A playing surface equal in quality to slate, yet 400% cheaper. That's what the innovative team at Mizerak has brought to you. While mother nature may take 10 years to create the slate surface in a pool table, Mizerak does it in 10 minutes! Only from a true innovator as Mizerak could you achieve quality and affordable products.

Ball Return - For that real pool hall feel, Mizerak uses the ball return option to control the flow of pocketed balls to the rear of the table. Convient and efficient, its what we've come to expect from Mizerak.

Maple - Mizerak provides you with this beautiful Maple finish. Simple and stylish, this finish will enhance the look of any room.

Features - Sturdy Pedestal Style Legs And Cross Supports Add Stability, Rubber Cushions Provide Lively Ball Bounce, 4 1/2 in. Wide Rails With Pearlized Sights, Leveling Feet For Level Play, Automatic Ball Return For Easy Ball Access, Tadlon Cloth For Smooth, Accurate Rolls, Durable, Encapsulated 3/4 in. Playbed Includes 1 Year Warranty, Maple Laminate Fits Any Decor, Game Room Style Design

Product Details


Steve Mizerak's name has been associated with pool and billiards for over 50 years. Recently inducted into the billiards Hall of Fame, and voted as the 5th best pool player of the twentieth century, Mizerak's knowledge of the game is nearly unparalleled. With the release of his own Mizerak line of pool cues, pool tables, and billiards accessories, Mizerak is poised to leave even greater impact on the sport of billiards in the 21st century.