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What makes this pool cues different?

- Falcon cues have a stiff/solid hit

- Pool pros such as Jeannette Lee, Karen Corr, Nick Varner, Shih Mei Liu, and Jennifer Chen play with or have played with Falcon cues

- A distinct and polished look comes from a variety of exotic woods such as ebony, cocobolo, bocote, snake wood and lace wood

- Stainless steel joints, triangle tips, aegis ferrules and pressed Irish Linen combine to create a cue that is a great value at an affordable price

- Every Falcon Cue is made in Canada

Pressed irish linen, triangle tips, aegis ferrules and stainless steel joints are combined to form a cue worthy of some of the top players in the world. Our Falcon pool cues have a solid and stiff hit. These cues are made in Canada.

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Tip - 13mm Triangle

Ferrule - Aegis linen

Shaft - hard rock maple with a 13" to 14" taper

Joint - Stainless steel, piloted with brass insert

Pin - 5 16/14 stainless steel

Rings - Black plastic below joint collar

Forearm - Birdseye maple stained med brown, 4 ebony points with blonde maple and black veneer and small off diamond mother of pearl center also with maple veneer

Wrap - Irish linen, black with white specs

Sleeve - Birdseye maple stained medium brown, with 2 sets of gold color balabushka style rings at center

Bumper - black rubber- pushes in secured by a screw

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Falcon cues set the standard for playability. Finely tuned and extremely precise, they provide a hit that is best described as though the cue is an extension of your arm. In the right hands, a Falcon cue is a ball-making machine. Intricate designs combined with strong value makes playing with a Falcon as enjoyable as taking money to the bank.