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What makes this pool cues different?

- Falcon cues have a stiff/solid hit

- Pool pros such as Jeannette Lee, Karen Corr, Nick Varner, Shih Mei Liu, and Jennifer Chen play with or have played with Falcon cues

- A distinct and polished look comes from a variety of exotic woods such as ebony, cocobolo, bocote, snake wood and lace wood

- Stainless steel joints, triangle tips, aegis ferrules and pressed Irish Linen combine to create a cue that is a great value at an affordable price

- Every Falcon Cue is made in Canada

Our Falcon cues are manufactured to provide great value and quality. Using today's technology, these cues are made with tight tolerances. Falcon is one of the best in the industry.

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Tip - 13mm Triangle

Ferrule - Aegis linen

Shaft - hard rock maple with a 13" to 14" taper

Joint - Stainless steel, piloted with brass insert

Pin - 5 16/14 stainless steel

Rings - Four black plastic and silver rings

Forearm - Birdseye maple stained gray with six ebony points alternating high and low, each point contains two diamond shaped ivory inlay

Wrap - Irish linen, black with white specs

Sleeve - Black phenolic resin (plastic) with ten elongated opposing diamond shaped ivory inlays and five regular diamond shaped ivory inlays, with five cocobolo dots inlayed.

Bumper - black rubber- pushes in secured by a screw

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Falcon cues set the standard for playability. Finely tuned and extremely precise, they provide a hit that is best described as though the cue is an extension of your arm. In the right hands, a Falcon cue is a ball-making machine. Intricate designs combined with strong value makes playing with a Falcon as enjoyable as taking money to the bank.