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What makes this pool cues different?

- High quality at affordable price

- The innovative designs with more angles and cuts will not be found with any other brand

- 5-point quality control check

No other cue maker comes close to being able to offer the inlays that you can get with these cues. 5280's range offer cues with a spiral pin joint, giving you incredible cue ball control with minimal deflection.

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Tip - Tigertm 13mm 7 layered red line leather tip

Ferrule - Ivorene-3 fiber linen

Shaft - AAA grade Canadian hard rock maple. Black collar with silver accent ring. 29 " with 13 " pro taper

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5280 Cues

5,280 feet above sea level- that's exactly one mile high. It also represents just how excited we are about the changes we've made to the 5280 cue line- we are Rocky Mountain High on these cues.