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What makes this cue tip repair kit different?

- Repair kits just don't get any better than this one!

Here's what you get with the cue tip repair kit:

    - Leather Tips

    - Cue Tip Clamp

    - Tweeten's 10 Minute Cement

    - Sandpaper

    - Shaper

    - Cue Cloth

    - Table Spots

    - Chalk

Repair kits just do not get any better then this one! Kit comes with leather tips, cue tip clamp, glue, sandpaper, shaper, cue cloth, table spots and chalk. Everything you'll need to maintain and repair your cues.

Product Details

Tweeten Fibre

Manufacturer of Master, Triangle biliiard chalks. LeProfessionel, Elk Master, Triangle, Blue Knight, Triumph cue tips. Various other cue and table accessories.