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Guiseppe cases feature hard tube casing to protect against extreme cold. They won't expand or contract. Pouches that side for multiple positioning. Water resistant Ortona fabric that has a soft, glove like leather feel.

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Product Features

Material - Ortona fabric, soft leather like feel

Pockets - 2, largest is 12 inches long

Carrying - Sewn on shoulder strap and handle

Feet - Detail tacking for reduced wear

Structure - Separate plastic tubing

Lining - Black cloth over tubes

Direction - Cue insert either direction

Length - Exterior- 34 1/2 inches, Interior- 31 1/2 inches

Features - 2 butt 4 shaft tube style case, Lifetime warranty, Classic looks, solid construction, and moderate price [ edit - delete ] Choice of color or animal print

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It should be no surprise that Giuseppe cases come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. This California company has legions of dedicated fans that love its classic looks, solid construction and moderate price.