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We are pleased to offer a collection featuring designs that capture the simple elegance synonymous with Scorpion. For some products, how, when, and where they are made may seem rather unimportant. But for an item such as a Scorpion pool cue, knowing that exquisite care and attention to detail by artisans and craftsmen went into making it can turn a basic piece of recreational equipment into a work of art or a cherished possession.

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How it plays - Scorpion cues have a stiff hit. "Le Pro" tips supply-increased control and Irish linen wraps reduce slipping while in stroke.

Tip - 13mm Lepro

Ferrule - Capped and threaded fiber ferrule

Shaft - Hard rock maple with fiberglass power bonded to it. 13-14" pro taper. The base has black and thin silver trim rings. The plastic insert in the shaft protects from outside conditions.

Joint - Steel collar with black and silver ring. The joint also has a plastic insert to protect from outside conditions

Pin - 3/8 x 14

Butt Construction - wood core, fiberglass shield, transfer design, clear coating

Forearm - Brown

Wrap - Black leather wrap

Butt Sleeve - Brown

Butt Cap - Stainless steel sealed to protect from outside conditions with bumper screwed in.

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Normally found in forbidding desert surroundings, deadly Scorpions are turning up in pool rooms all over the world. Scorpion cues are armor protected with fiberglass to provide protection againist warping and dings. Developed specifically for four-time world champion Johnny Archer, the "Le Pro" tips supply increased control while leather and Irish linen wraps reduce slipping while in stroke. Beware, for the Scorpion could strike at any moment.