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Clarke uses only the best materials to delicately and finely craft each cue. Clarke builds these cues out of his shop in Wisconsin. But a Schon cue really isn't just sports equipment, but a work of art. These cues, when properly cared for, will actually increase in value for as long as you use them.

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How it plays - Schon cues have a stiff hit due to the stainless steel piloted joint and shorter taper

Tip - 13mm proprietary backed tip, hard

Ferrule - Proprietary "Schon" brand, developed to hit like ivory

Shaft - 29" long with a 10" to 12" pro taper, hard rock maple

Collar - Black proprietary plastic with a nickel silver ring

Joint - Polished stainless steel, piloted

Pin - 5/16" 14 pitch, stainless steel

Forearm - Stained birdseye maple with five ebony points, and five star shaped ivory inlay

Rings - Silver ring below joint collar

Wrap - Irish linen, black with white specs

Sleeve - Ebony with five star shaped ivory inlays and five diamond shaped ivory inlays

Plate - White proprietary plastic

Bumper - Black rubber, and is secured by a screw which threads into the weight bolt in the bottom of the cue

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Schon Custom Cues came into existence in 1981 and we have been at our Burnham St. location since 1986. We have a miniscule output , sometimes going 2 weeks without actually finishing any cues. I frequently hear the all knowing term "roduction cue" applied to our cues with an implied sneer. The fact is that we are one of the oldest custom cuemakers in the world with a total staff today of 5 people. I personally design, finish and test every cue myself. Everyone here is a full time craftsman, not telemarketers or corporate hypsters. The only thing we do is make cues...Evan Clarke