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Predator offers a unique 10-piece construction that produces a straighter cue with a more consistent flex than the traditional one-piece shaft. That engineering produces less cue vibration, which lowers the chance that the shaft will push the cue ball off line. It also creates more spin than the conventional cue, which makes it easier for even the casual player to draw or move the ball around the table.

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Tip - 12 3/4" Lepro brand, hard

Ferrule - Proprietary plastic, poured into a mold

Shaft - 29" long with a 15" pro taper, spliced hard rock maple

Collar - black proprietary plastic

Joint - Stainless steel, piloted with a brass insert

Pin - uni-lock quick release, stainless steel

Forearm - Blonde Birdseye maple with four rosewood points, each point has alternating black and green stained maple veneers- Rosewood continues as wrap and sleeve, (similar to a sneaky pete) Stamped with the "Predator" logo

Rings - None

Wrap - None

Sleeve - None

Plate - linen based white plastic

Bumper - Black rubber, push in

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Pool is a game of extreme accuracy and the Predator 314 shaft dramatically reduces cue ball deflection which helps less experienced and professional players alike. Predator's patented ferrule and internal bore reduce the shaft's tendency to buckle on impact and allow the cue ball to push the shaft aside instead of the shaft pushing the cue ball off line. Simply put, a Predator cue makes pool easier because it shoots straighter.