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More than 40 years of experience and achievement have led Miki's staff to this point, and now together with Yuji's son, Kazunori, they have made a commitment to produce the best cues that money can buy.

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Shaft - Hard rock maple shaft with a Moori tip 12.8 mm

Joint - Miki's United Joint 5/1 6x 14 semi quick release

Butt - laminated Blackwood, Interchangeable weight bolt system, x-rubber bumper

Materials - Micarta, Purple heart, Nickel silver rings, Polished stainless steel joint collar, Irish linen wrap

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Mezz Cues

Mess playing cues are a combination of playability and true beauty. Mezz's original "United Joint" gives you an extremely solid feel while the shaft and butt are connected as tightly as possible. Moori tips will enhance playability while the Mezz Pro extension will give you more control for those long difficult shots. Laminated forearms increase stability and reduces chances for warping. The ultimate in engineering, Mezz cues live up to their definition...something that is loved, something that is treasured.