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In many ways, pool is a highly mental game. Your state of mind can directly and significantly affect how you play. When it gets competitive, your opponents may try to "get in your head" by making remarks designed to intimidate you. In situations like this, you need to show up at the table with an attitude that says, "Don't mess with me." That's where Mayhem Cues come in.

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How it plays - Compact, solid hit

Tip - Lepro 13mm

Ferrule - 1" Fiber ferrule

Shaft - 29" hardrock maple, 10 - 12" pro taper, brass insert

Collar - Stainless steel

Joint - piloted, stainless steel pin 5/16 18

Rings - (shaft, forearm and sleeve) single stainless steel ring

Wrap - Irish linen, black with white speck

Sleeve - Black stained maple, with Mayhem logo transfer

Plate - Black composite

Bumper - Black rubber

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Devastate and destroy. Intimidate. Dominate. Conquer. Be the master of the table. Getting your mind right makes a difference in the game of pool- make the process easier with powerful designs from the new Mayhem series of cues. Images of power, control, and the specter of death take you to the edge of the civilized- and maybe just a little bit farther. If your opponents didn't fear you before Mayhem- they will fear you now.