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Quality, style, price. You will find all of these characteristics in a Joss pool cue. Joss cues are highly playable, and offer exceptional value. That is why we are proud to carry Joss cues, and rank them #1 in the $200 to $500 price category. Dan Janes and family have been committed to making the highest quality pool cues since 1968. Even as Joss cues continues to grow as a company, that personal commitment remains.

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How it plays - Joss cues hit stiff due to the stainless steel joint, shorter taper and thicker shaft diameter

Tip - 13.25 mm Triangle brand, hard

Ferrule - "Aegis Linen"- aegis is a linen based plastic that is designed to hit like ivory.

Ferrule - "Aegis Linen"- aegis is a linen based plastic that is designed to hit like ivory.

Shaft - 29" long with a 9" to 10" pro taper, hard rock maple

Joint - Piloted, has a stainless steel collar with black plastic rings

Pin - Size is 5/16" 14 pitch, stainless steel

Forearm - Birdseye maple

Wrap - Irish linen, black with white specs

Sleeve - Maple with six mother of pearl circles and diamonds attached by ebony lines.

Plate - White, and made of Herculite, a durable material that doesn't crack or break

Bumper - Threaded rubber with "Joss" emblem stamped on

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Joss takes the profession of cue making very seriously. Always looking for ways to improve the playability and beauty of a cue, Joss continues to preserve the traditional look and values of oldtime cue making. Each cue is marked with a unique serial number on the joint to increase value and create distinctive character. A Joss cue is a real family effort, which results in a company that cares about its products and you.