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Jerry Pechauer designs his cues for serious players. Using hand selected wood dried in his own kiln, meticulously assembled, and hand finished, each Pechuaer cue is a work of art. Each cue carries Jerry Pechauer's signature. Experience the pride of owning a J. Pechauer Cue.

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How it plays - Pechauer cues have a stiff hit due to the piloted stainless steel joint.

Tip - 13mm backed, hard

Ferrule - Proprietary plastic, designed to hit like ivory, threaded onto shaft

Shaft - Hard rock maple, 10" to 12" taper

Collar - Black proprietary plastic with a silver ring

Joint - Stainless steel, piloted with brass insert. Insert has semi quick release threads

Pin - 5/16 14" stainless steel patented Pechauer 317 speed joint

Forearm - Danish stained Bird's-eye maple with eobony framed ivory points. Every cue has J Pechauer's signature on forearm

Wrap - Irish linen, black with white specs

Sleeve - Danish stained Bird's-eye maple with ebony and ivory inlays.

Plate - White colored proprietary "duralite" plastic

Bumper - Black rubber, press fitted

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J. Pechauer

J. Pechauer Custom Cues have a high level of craftsmanship, beauty and performance. Intended for the serious player and the collector who understands and appreciates the tools of the game and the skill of the player. Parts and components, which most cue-makers purchase from outside sources, are crafted inhouse to top quality control standards at every step of the handcrafting process. Jerry even personally selects the maple logs that make-up the different parts of the cue. Attention to detail and pride make up every Pechauer cue.